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The ETS6Days Created New Memories

The ETS6Days took place on November 25th and 26th with more than 20 events in almost 20 countries across the globe. The events, organised by the KNX National Groups, attracted a huge crowd, which celebrated the release of the ETS6, the latest tool by KNX Association.

Celebrating a new international milestone for KNX

In 2020, the international KNX Community voted the release of the ETS5 as the biggest milestone in the history of KNX. No surprise therefore that the release of the ETS6 was highly anticipated by an entire industry for smart homes and smart buildings.

With the organisation of the ETS6Days, the entire KNX Community witnessed again another KNX milestone, and put the world’s only manufacturer-independent software tool for smart homes and smart buildings in the spotlight. Thanks to the support of the KNX National Groups, as well as the participants of the events, the new ETS6 is the biggest software release in the history of KNX.

Going Digital – The future of events is now

Riding the wave of an international KNX event, the ETS6Days enjoyed high visibility on social media, due to the increasing activities on multiple platforms by KNX National Groups. Thanks to the growing experience by the KNX National Groups, the full potential of social media was used.

Initiated by the circumstances in 2020, many KNX National Groups decided to stream their events online on multiple social media platforms, thereby reaching an international audience. Not only did that allow the KNX National Groups, for whom certain Covid measures had to be respected, to participate in this worldwide event, it also showcased that the future of event organising with all its benefits is moving online. With 13 livestreams, the world had the opportunity to witness ETS6 in all its glory from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Conclusion – An event of its time, a development for the future and a memory forever

The ETS6Days did justice to the release of the new version of the Engineering Tool Software. Furthermore, the ETS6Days proved that not only the KNX Technology is developing to face the challenges of the future, but also KNX National Groups are moving towards a more dynamic and future-proof way in order to promote their national KNX activities.

The ETS6Days might have concluded on the 26th of November, but the memory of a glorious year 2021 will remain in the minds of the KNX Community forever.

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