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Countdown to ETS6 Launch – the New-Generation Smart, Secure and Open KNX Automation Software

On 28 September during the first day of KNXperience we will be premiering ETS6 – the most important KNX software tool to date. ETS6 comes with a lot of changes in different domains, maintaining and further promoting KNX as the smart, secure and open standard for home and building automation. Join us for the ETS6 launch by registering at


ETS6 offers an improved user experience through an optimised user interface and licensing system. An adaptive and completely redesigned dashboard is provided, and a lot of additional useful metadata has been included to help users quickly find and access their projects. Key ‘smart’ feature include:

  • Easier project handling – with faster access to project data, allowing any project to be found quickly.
  • Browser-like flexibility – tabs and windows can be dragged and dropped to allow software adaptions when needed.
  • Simplified licensing workflow and new cloud license – with guidance through the licensing steps and ability to work offline if required.
  • Prominent update notifications – help avoid missing any critical updates, including feature and bug fix information prior to the installation.
  • Enhanced project archiving – with simplified backup functions and expanded collaboration capabilities.


ETS5 Professional was the first ETS Professional version able to deal with KNX Data Secure and KNX IP Secure devices. ETS6 further improves the handling of those devices, but also supports latest KNX system extensions for safer KNX installations, easier topology scaling and new-generation RF devices. To do so, ETS6 supports couplers with segment coupler and security proxy functionality, allowing existing projects to be extended easily with devices supporting security or RF. Key ‘secure’ features include:

  • Easy scalability of a KNX installation by using segment couplers and security proxies – project topology and structure can be scaled almost freely, and a line segment can be created to add devices from a different medium type such as RF, whilst keeping the addressing scheme.
  • ETS6 supports the Secure Proxy that enables the use of KNX Secure devices with plain KNX devices. Each function can be used plainly or securely depending on the input. Thanks to this, any type of device can co-exist and communicate in a common KNX installation.
  • ETS6 supports the enhanced KNX RF Multi, which supports the new generation of KNX RF devices. They come with several advantages, such as mandatory security support, easy configuration, since all the frequency settings are automatically set by ETS and of course, all the runtime capabilities that come from a product entry created with the Manufacturer Tool.


ETS6 supports the KNX IoT system, allowing KNX installations to be even more open to the rest of the ‘non-KNX world’. KNX IoT represents KNX in the outside world by implementing semantic project information and tagging through the KNX IoT third-party API – a graphical user interface in which objects mimic their real-world counterparts in how they appear and/or how a user can interact with them. Key ‘open’ features include:

  • One single standardised solution for all KNX manufacturers – third-party adapters to KNX can focus on one single interface to access a KNX installation.
  • Integration with other systems that are not directly KNX-compatible – seamless integration of other systems with the KNX project without any hassle.

Continuation of 30 years of backward-compatibility – all existing KNX- (and EIB-) certified devices can still be configured with ETS6. Moreover, ETS6 maintains compatibility with existing plug-ins, DCAs and ETS apps.

Pricing and Availability

ETS6 will be launched on 28 September 2021 at KNXperience. Register to be present at the premiere at

ETS6 will cost EUR1000 (or from EUR350 as an upgrade).

Participants of the KNXperience will also have the chance to win free ETS6 licences through a variety of real-time activities.

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