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Chengdu Mingxing Wisdom Network Technology Joins the KNX Association

Chengdu Mingxing Wisdom Network Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative network technology company focusing on corporate electronic seal solutions, intelligent home control systems, and intelligent building control systems.

Adhering to the professional capabilities of blockchain technology, cloud computing, transmission technology, and system integration, it is committed to providing high-quality electronic seals and intelligent system solutions to customers in various industries across the country.

After decades of development, the company has established a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, sales, production and service, and has built a nationwide operation and service network, covering electronic seal special industries, intelligent buildings and information security , Cloud computing and big data, smart applications, network visualisation and special industries and other business areas.

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LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors

LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors
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