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CEDIA EMEA Offers Hybrid KNX Basic Course

The benefits of automating a building are far reaching, from saving energy, ease of control, and improving the health and well-being of the occupants. The KNX Standard provides a unique platform to integrators to provide a modular and scalable solution that works in all types of buildings.

This hybrid course will include 6 self-paced online modules, which will cover the theoretical elements of the Basic KNX Course: 

  • KNX system arguments
  • KNX system overview
  • TP installation
  • TP topology
  • Bus devices
  • RF

These training modules will cover how to design the KNX Topology to ensure reliable systems, the history of KNX, installation of the system, and how KNX bus devices operate. The online training is followed by a 2 day on-site practical course which covers how to use ETS to program KNX using lighting and shading examples, how to run diagnostics with ETS, and finishes with the Theory and Practical Certification exams. Please note that the online modules must be completed prior to attending the in-person training.

Upon successful completion of both theory and practical certification exams, you will be registered as a KNX Certified Partner.

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