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Take Part in the KNX Championship at KNXperience

The KNX Championship is a competition in which you need to set up a KNX project in the shortest time possible using ETS Professional and also the new tool KNX Virtual. The competition will be held at the KNX Championship online booth, which will be located at the exhibition hall of the KNXperience.

The competition will take place every day during the KNXperience online trade show from September 28 until October 2, 2020.

Everyone is welcome to participate whether you are a newcomer or professional.

The test will require you to complete a KNX project using a specific ETS5 Professional version that will be provided for the KNX Championship (no license will be required). Once you have finished, you can check it out via KNX Virtual. To complete the test, you will need to export the resulting ETS project and submit it to KNX Association for evaluation. Then, you will be included in the list of participants and, if you are lucky, in the list of winners!

Participation is free of charge and can be repeated as many times as desired. However, to win a prize, you must take into account the instructions that will be sent before each session. Only one prize per participant will be allowed during this competition.

Prior to the competition, all registered users will be provided with the instructions, rules and the following software packages to install on their computers:

  • Download & use a specific ETS5 Championship edition
  • Download & use a specific KNX Virtual Championship edition
  • Download & import in ETS5 Championship edition the specific ETS project

In this way, all participants will have time to prepare themselves and get familiar with the software and the project.

The instructions for the championship will be provided just before the start of each competition session, so that participants can start at the official time.

Everybody taking part will be a winner! All participants at the KNX championship will receive a prize, just for their participation.

List of Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded at every session:

  • 1st Position: ETS5 Professional license with all KNX ETS Apps free of charge
  • 2nd Position: ETS5 Professional license free of charge
  • 3rd Position: ETS5 Lite license free of charge

To find out more about the KNX Championship and to take part, visit:

To register for the KNXperience event, visit:

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