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KNX Member Booths in the Exhibition Hall of KNXperience

One of the central areas of the KNXperience is the Exhibition Hall where the KNX Member booths can be found. Each company participating at KNXperience will have its own corporate booth using its own colours, graphics and materials for its visitors. Each Member booth will be open to visitors during the full week of KNXperience from 09:00 – 17:00 (CEST).

Indeed there will be more than 40 booths at the KNXperience, including KNX Member booths as well as the booths of KNX Association and collaborators.
Why should people visit the KNX Members booths?

Due to the cancellation of the Light + Building 2020 trade fair, KNX Member companies were left with no special event at which to unveil their latest KNX product developments. KNXperience was therefore devised by KNX Association to provide an exciting new opportunity for KNX Members to present their products to the worldwide community of KNX systems integrators and others interested in versatile, robust and reliable building control technology.

At the KNX Member booths, visitors will have the chance to discover new products and market trends, and interact with the experts, all from the comfort of their own home or office. It is the perfect time to discover all of the new devices, gathered in one common environment.
What kind of experience can visitors expect?

KNXperience will be not too dissimilar from a real-world event. The exhibition hall will be full of virtual booths with real people in attendance. These will be industry professionals (from KNX Member company staff, KNX Association staff, KNX Professionals and other collaborators) that will inform and present new KNX solutions and products. The main difference between KNXperience and a real-world event will be the contact between the visitors and the exhibitor; it will be done via your chosen device, be it a desktop, mobile or tablet. Each KNX Member booth will offer visitors general information about the company, as well as product flyers and videos, and time to talk to company staff on a one-to-one basis via chat, phone, video-call, etc.
Can groups of visitors interact with KNX Members at KNXperience?

KNX Members participating with a booth at KNXperience will also be able to offer a room in the Networking Area in order to have group discussions about any topics they decide to communicate openly to groups of visitors. And if a visitor cannot reach an exhibitor at the precise moment when they are visiting the Member booth or the Networking Area, they can still send an internal email message to the person responsible, and be answered as soon as possible.

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