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KNX Professionals Area at KNXperience

The KNX Professionals area at KNXperience will bring the next generation of KNX developments to life. This year’s theme is ‘KNX with IoT Services’, with KNX Professionals presenting state-of-the-art solutions that have already been implemented as well as those yet to come.


The area will consist of individual booths as well as a joint booth by various KNX Professionals. Together, they will show the full potential of KNX thanks to a wide range of manufacturers, devices and solutions.

In addition to interactive Q&A sessions and live presentations at specified times, the audience will be welcomed by multiple KNX Award winners, who will gladly share their expert knowledge.

KNX Professionals as well as representatives of KNX Association will be available for questions during the opening hours of the KNXperience.
How to find the KNX Professionals area

Once the visitor enters the KNXperience, they will be able to visit various areas, including the KNX Professionals area. With a single click on that area, the visitor will be able to find themselves in a room full of expertise. The conference programme, which includes the KNX Professionals presentations, will be made available in due course.

KNX with IoT Services

KNX Professionals will showcase multiple solutions under the theme ‘KNX with IoT Services’. These presentations will highlight how easily two worlds, i.e. the world of KNX Classic and IT, can easily be interfaced to create applications that are already shaping the future.

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