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Become a KNX Member Area at KNXperience

This area is aimed at KNX Members who want to learn about the latest developments, and new companies interested getting involved with KNX technology.

After 30 years of producing specifications and resources, the KNX development ecosystem can seem a bit daunting, so the purpose of the Become a KNX Member area is to present manufacturers and suppliers with the best guidance according to their individual needs. This area will also share important insights about KNX, namely what makes KNX interesting from an investment point of view, and why you should develop KNX solutions.

Plenty to see

The Become a KNX Member area will offer guidance on how to develop KNX solutions, including KNX devices, ETS Apps, ETS Inside servers, system components, certified components and more. Additionally, there will be information about the available technological solutions and resources (e.g. KNX Secure, KNX RF etc). And to help with understanding market opportunities, the potential business cases that can be built around KNX will be highlighted.

The information will be presented with the support of recorded videos, presentations and interactive discussions. In addition, we will be putting a lot of focus on KNX IoT, for which there will be a special area.

The benefits of being a KNX Member

Becoming KNX Member opens up a world of opportunities. Our members enjoy being part of an amazing global community that benefits from a standard with bulletproof interoperability that no other technology can offer. Furthermore, you can enter the market with just one device, yet still leverage the KNX ecosystem (i.e. development tools, system integration tools, training schemes etc).

We love having an active community of members – that´s why we put so much emphasis on maintaining solid communication channels. Our members have the right to be informed about upcoming specifications (before they become Approved Standard) and tools, so that they can use this information in their product management.

Special reward for joining

Companies that join the KNX Association during the KNXperience event will receive a free Manufacturer Tool, worth €2050.

Do you know someone who could benefit from becoming a KNX Member?

We are truly privileged to have a committed community with an evangelistic spirit; KNX Partners are highly-skilled system integrators who are expert in a multitude of systems in the home and building industry, so their recommendation to manufacturers is not taken lightly. Many companies join the KNX Association after having been requested to provide KNX connectivity for their products, so if you know a company who would benefit from doing the same, the KNX Member Area will have a direct link, and we encourage you to share it with them.

All are welcome

The Become a KNX Member area will put together the very best of KNX in the convenience of a digital format, so whether you are a KNX Member who wants to find out the latest, or a new company interested in benefiting from the versatile, robust and dependable KNX standard, do join us!

For more information and registration visit:

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