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Dokuzbayt Bilgi Teknolojileri Joins the KNX Association

Dokuzbayt Bilgi Teknolojileri was established in Turkey in 2017 to provide innovative software solutions to meet the needs of the industry. With the principle of using the latest technologies since its establishment, it has provided software consultancy services to many important brands in Turkey and abroad.

It is a fullstack software development company working in the fields of software architecture, software consultancy, mobile development, AR / VR applications and UI / UX design areas.

The company offers test consultancy services to reduce risk in software projects, produce high quality projects and provide uninterrupted customer satisfaction. It implements software and design in functional harmony and does not work with any products that do not meet its quality criteria. Its approach is to create functional, aesthetically attractive projects that work in harmony for all types of application.

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LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors

LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors
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