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Coronavirus Update: Hager Group

Hager Group is carefully monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus Covid-19. We are taking appropriate measures to ensure safety for our employees, customers & partners and mitigate the impact on our customers. We are doing this according to mandatory government instructions and to the unpredictable evolution of the situation.

The world is currently fighting to overcome the coronavirus Covid-19. Given the rapidly changing situation, ensuring the health & safety of our employees is our top priority and a prerequisite for the continuity of our business to support our customers and partners.

In compliance with the instructions of all local governments, we continue to take measures to:

  1. Responsibly manage the health and safety of our employees,
  2. Uninterrupt as much as possible serving our customers and partners to protect their business,
  3. Ensure we come out strong: our family company is solid and allows us to invest in our common electrical future and manage this situation as best as possible.

To achieve this, Hager Group has implemented a number of measures in accordance with mandatory government instructions, which include in particular:

  • Following strictly sanitary & hygiene requirements at all our sites.
  • Limiting and controlling external visits to our sites.
  • Conducting customer visits and external meetings via remote methods.
  • Banning and/or restricting travel and meetings, in accordance with mandatory government instructions and hygiene rules.
  • Adapting shifts, enforcing working from home where possible and doing periodical shutdowns if necessary for the health & safety of our employees.

The above measures could also ensure that our Customer Support and Technical Support Centres across the different markets are as operational as possible and enable to sustain end-to-end customer support.

We continue to monitor the situation very carefully and will take additional measures as needed as the situation evolves and in line with mandatory government instructions.

We are doing all we possibly can, given this crisis situation, to support you and manage any unexpected delays in our service.

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