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Berghof Automation Joins the KNX Association

Berghof Automation GmbH is part of the 350-strong Berghof Group and develops system solutions for demanding control tasks.

Leading automobile manufacturers, the food industry, manufacturers of special machines and machine tools, agriculture and many other industries rely on Berghof’s sophisticated control solutions and product safety. Berghof’s customers appreciate not only the extensive product portfolio consisting of compact controllers, modular controllers, display controllers and control panels, but above all the standards-based and well-engineered software solutions.

As a CODESYS partner from the very beginning, Berghof supports its customers with profound know-how and the Berghof PLCs offer a wide range of field buses and communication protocols.

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JUNG area / line coupler

JUNG area / line coupler
The JUNG area / line coupler connects two KNX lines while retaining electrical isolation. Across publicly accessible areas, such as corridors ...