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Tanootas International Develops the Smartsho Online Shop for KNX Components

The SmartSho online shop was devised by Tanootas International (TICO) of Tehran, Iran, with the basic idea of creating a base for presenting and procuring the equipment and components used in smart home and building projects based on healthy competition. The end user, as the final decision maker, can make the best decision on the equipment to be used in their projects through direct comparison of all the components available to them. 

For the engineers and designers who propose the systems to their clients and project owners, we have defined a special cooperation scheme as part of the site through which they can benefit from the engineering and technical support of our colleagues. They can also receive a special voucher giving them appreciable discounts on the goods purchased. Amongst the potential customers are those who may have inadequate knowledge or information but who are interested in the benefits of smart building and home technology. 

To cater to this need, a special section had been devised in the “Order Registration“ routine in which the clients give their requirements through a series of check-box questions and answers or indeed state their requirements in plane language and wait for our experts to call them for an interview to suggest a proper solution. Moreover, those active in the field of smart building and home technology can enter the “Become a seller” section and fill-in the application form for cooperation enabling them to present their goods in the SmartSho online site through a mutual agreement. Finally, the latest information and data on the subject of smart home and building is available in the site’s “Training” section to help with general education.

The great advantage of this online shop is the presentation of a variety of brands and products using the KNX standard. The information and technical specifications of each and every product has been meticulously complied and presented to enable the visitor to check and compare the products in order to make the most appropriate decision on the components. Besides online purchasing services, the possibility of ordering and booking goods is another option. We wish everyone to experience a smart life.

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