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DEHN Surge Protection for KNX Systems Whitepaper

DEHN Surge Protection for KNX Systems

Electrical installations in buildings with complex operator con- trol units, displays and control devices are frequently equipped with an installation bus system. The EIB (European Installation Bus), developed at the beginning of the 1990s, is a widely used installation bus system and is today still the core of the KNX system which is the world’s first open standard described in the European standard EN 50090.

The advantage of the KNX standard is the universal interop- erability between different devices independent of the manu- facturer. Thus, the values of a wind and rain sensor or a tem- perature and sun sensor can be processed in different building systems. Lighting systems can be switched on or off as needed depending on the light level and different lighting scenarios can be programmed. Consumption values can be recorded and used for load management. These are only some of the many applications where KNX systems can be used. In addition to these advantages, the installation time and expense of such systems can be considerably reduced.

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