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Smart Building Conference 2020 Focuses on 5G, IoT and the Intelligent Edge

For ISE 2020, the Smart Building Conference is based on the theme of ‘5G, IoT and the Intelligent Edge’. The day-long conference will explore how the unfolding new technology landscape facilitates the deployment of smart technology within buildings. The event will see top expert speakers presenting ideas throughout the day alongside a host of new innovation workshops. These will allow delegates to interact and share experiences in the welcoming environment of the Hotel Okura, a new venue for this year’s conference. As an official part of the SBC programme, ISE’s opening keynote concludes the day. Shuttle buses will provide transport from the SBC to the RAI auditorium in order to allow attendees to witness the show’s curtain-raiser.

Industry expert Bob Snyder hosts the conference

Bob Snyder has been Smart Building Conference Content Chairman since 2013. An experienced journalist, well-known analyst and speaker on European IT and AV industry trends, Bob has brought his extensive knowledge and connections to the Smart Building Conference, having had a key role in the direction of the event and its line-up of expert speakers. Bob is also the Editor-in-Chief of CHANNEL MEDIA EUROPE, a content provider and consultant to high tech companies in Europe and Middle East.

Relevance of this year’s theme

This year’s theme of ‘5G, IoT and the Intelligent Edge’ focusses on three powerful technological elements which together have a profound impact on the future of smart buildings. Once disparate building systems now converge into one smart and intelligent system using IP, providing opportunities to save money, increase efficiency and provide better services to building occupants. Intelligent edge now allows data to be analysed and acted on in a spot close to where it is captured in a network, rather than being transported back to a central server. This decentralised process encourages the use of IoT and other devices at the network’s edge where they can act efficiently with reduced latency – and the introduction of 5G networks will only further galvanise this industry shift.

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