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Smart Home and Appliances: State of the Art Report

Smart Home and Appliances- State of the Art Report

By Tiagom Ribeiro Serrenho and Paolo Bertoldi, Publications Office of the European Union

This report aims to give an overview of the whole smart home ecosystems with a focus on the energy implications that incur from it. Throughout the report a focus is being given on how are the conditions for a successful roll-out of smart home technologies in Europe, what type of Information and Communication Technologies, Energy policies and Standards are in place regarding the Smart Home environment. The status of the European market is given a look into, regarding the smart readiness of EU Members States, Internet Access, Smart meter roll-out, Demand Response or the Smart Appliances market. An outline of the Smart Appliances and Smart Home Technologies is given with also the types of networks, smart home wireless technologies and sensor types to be used in the Smart Home. Finally the report addresses the poten

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