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Bee Controls by Arrow Engineering Bulgaria Joins the KNX Association

Bee Controls and Bee Energy & Smart Cities are brands of Arrow Engineering Bulgaria, established to deliver outstanding and innovative technologies in IoT, control, and automation field to improve the efficiency in industries. It has carried out exceptional projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

A strong presence that spans the length and breadth of the world has enabled it to become a top player in the design and implementation of smart cities solutions and all automation products and systems.

The pioneering and vital role played in the development and implementation of automation systems and smart cities solutions has also led to a strategic expansion drive in more than 18 countries of the world. In these countries, the company has established R&D centers and production facilities, and also forged strong partnerships with top-rated production facilities.

Bee Energy & Smart Cities alongside Bee Controls provides a comprehensive range of solutions that focus on automated, intelligent, intuitive, convenient, and green technologies. It specialises in automatic devices and appliances that connect everything – humans, animals, plants, objects – to the internet, with zero need for human intervention, thereby saving time and costs.

By promoting a safe economy through the provision of smart cities and smart building solutions that optimise the use of energy efficiency, Bee Solutions help and contribute to the ecosystem while ensuring that you consume only what you need. This ultimately allows for better efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and maintenance.

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