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ILLUMINOTRONICA 2018 Focuses on the System Integration Market

The Italian exhibition of system integration and home & building automation

One month before its start, ILLUMINOTRONICA, scheduled for November 29-30 and December 1st 2018 at Bologna fairground, presents itself as an international fair focused on the new system integration market. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is the key factor that will make both building automation and smart city markets grow in double digits, leading to smarter and more comfortable buildings and cities. The event is promoted by Assodel, the Italian Association of Electronics Clusters, the main reference point for the Italian electronics and high technologies industry.


One of the focus of the Bologna edition of ILLUMINOTRONICA is to re-think, design and manage “Smart Spaces” – The spaces we live in have to be transformed thanks to new technologies and IoT to improve our way of living and working. Places have to be built with a human centric approach to put people well-being above all. On this sense, ILLUMINOTRONICA will organize a series of talk shows, demo areas and training courses on the correct use of new technologies in different applications, from smart home to smart cities, from smart buildings to smart retail…


During the fair, many professional training courses and networking opportunities will focus on the (positive) impact of new technologies on our daily lives, from correct lighting design to cyber security, from energy management to privacy, from IoT connectivity to professional qualification.

Furthermore, in collaboration with KNX Italia and EnOcean, the exhibition area will offer some demo panels dedicated to building management and control.

Thanks to the collaboration of VEM Sistemi with Cisco Systems and Schneider Electric, it will also be possible to visit a real shop of the future, with an interactive and immersive experience. A Retail 4.0 demo area to explain how to improve customer experiences with the use of new technologies.


The lighting sector has definitely entered the digital age, as shown by the announcements of many companies of the lighting world in the last year. This means that we are increasingly talking about connected light and Internet of Things also in this sector. It also means that a lighting system must necessarily “speak” and “be integrated” with other systems of a specific environment – city, home or building – to improve its liveability.
ILLUMINOTRONICA has always paid much attention to the subject which remain a focus of the fair, both in the exhibition area and in the conferences program where many speeches on the subject have been scheduled.

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