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Blumotix Offers Doory KNX Smart Lock for Bed & Breakfasts and Hotels

Blumotix has designed and produced a new access control system that allows you to enter a tourist accommodation by providing the credentials received via SMS.

Doory is an intelligent numeric keypad that can receive a new access code from a remote Smartphone, to facilitate the check-in without receptionist. The code can be programmed using a dedicated APP to be installed on a Smartphone (iOS or Android). The access key can be replaced whenever it is necessary to welcome a new guest.

Doory is a 12-key capacitive touch glass solution, with backlighting activated thanks to the integrated proximity sensor. The memory can contain up to 100 data to allow the devices located in the common areas to be able to store the codes of every single room.

Each code has 6 digits to guarantee maximum security. The Doory keyboard is available in white (W) and black (B) and in the 503 horizontal (O) and vertical (V) formats.

DOORY – The Basic Kit

The BASIC KIT for installation in a single unit contains a Power Supply, an Actuator, a Glass Push Button and a Miniserver to offer Internet programming services. App KRIM, the Blumotix application for your Smartphone, can be downloaded for free from iTunes and Google Play.

The BASIC KIT can be extended to a MULTI-ROOM configuration by adding other smart keyboards up to a maximum of 4 (1 + 3 optional). By replacing the actuator with one or more devices having a greater number of channels, the system can be extended to the desired number of accesses.

As an alternative, the kit can be extended to a MULTI-FUNCTION configuration dedicated to a single living unit. In this case, the system can be completed by adding other domotic functions such as temperature control and load control, controllable via Smartphone. The Basic kit can be ordered with the BX-DOORY code or the individual components can be ordered as shown in the diagram.

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