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KNX UK Supports Smart Home for Independent Living Event

KNX UK members are enthusiastic about the potential for KNX control to enhance the lives of the elderly and less able, so we were delighted to learn that an event dedicated to this important topic is to take place at the NEC next March.

KNX technology not only provides virtually-unlimited options for designing homes that fit the specific needs of individual people, but also ensures that it is easy to evolve the installation as their situation changes.

KNX UK has been asked to partner with the organisers Smart Home – For Independent Living to encourage integrators and installers to take a closer and more creative approach to this important market. The potential for staying one step ahead of people’s needs and providing a home automation system that manifestly changes lives for the better is enormous, especially as we approach the demographic time bomb that is our aging population.

You can register for a free ticket at:

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