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Smart Buildings 2018 Covers Latest Innovations For Intelligent Building Management Systems

9th May 2018, UBS, 5 Broadgate, London

Smart Buildings 2018 is a unique one-day conference with leading thinkers coming together to debate the new world of work, exploring new trends and how to best enhance assets of space, technology and people. We examine Smart Buildings from the Developer’s, Tenant’s and User’s perspectives covering latest innovations across intelligent Building Management Systems, location aware beacons, sensors, smart devices, wearables and much more. Join 200 senior professionals from workplace, property, FM, technology, innovation, architecture and design to explore this new world of work and what it means for future workplace.

Our expert speakers from across the industry will examine how the technological landscape is changing and how we can use it to transform the way we work. From cognitive buildings and self-learning workplaces to creating buildings that operate more efficiently whilst maximising productivity and collaboration, we will address a range of key trends and issues emerging in the smart buildings sector.

Confirmed Speakers:

• Dr Claire Penny, Worldwide Solution Leader, IoT, IBM | Exploring cognitive buildings that can think for themselves; Structuring buildings that are efficient to operate and cool to be in
• Ashley Davis, Managing Director, UBS | Setting new standards based on ‘next generation’ services; Implementing a significant upgrade and seamless migration of services without impacting business or damaging UBS’ reputation
• Juliette Morgan, Head of Campus, British Land | Getting businesses ready for smart buildings; Sharing a new British Land report on how to be smart from the start
• Matthew Webster, Head of Wellbeing, British Land | Developing successful businesses of tomorrow that demonstrate leadership and innovation; Harnessing the built environment to improve physical and mental wellbeing
• Uli Blum, Associate, Zaha Hadid Architects | Exploring the self-learning workplace; Discussing how the sensing of movement and behaviour can bring a new precision to workplace
• Matthew Marson, Consultant, Connected Spaces Practice, Accenture Digital | Examining the world’s most innovative buildings; Sharing how thousands of sensors can enable the workplace to react intelligently and adapt like a living organism
• Jeremy Myerson, Director, WORKTECH Academy & Research Professor, Royal College of Art | Future Digital work districts; How smart precincts will reshape our cities and buildings
• Glenn Wilkinson, CEO, Polira & Security Analyst| Data for good, data for bad; The secret life of your mobile phone
• Richard Murszako, Group Property Strategy Manager, Vodafone | Becoming an intelligent occupier; Understanding building utilisation

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