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ProKNX Shows realKNX Working with Google Assistant at ISE 2018

ProKNX´s smart home server solution realKNX is now a Google certified application. The Google application a.k.a ‘Action’ works with the Google Assistant and the Google Home smart speakers. With the realKNX Google Action, users can control their KNX devices. It is possible to control lights, thermostats and scenes.

To control a KNX device, the user simply says “Ok Google, turn on the lights” or “Ok Google, set the thermostat to 22 degrees”.

The Google Assistant speaks many languages amongst them English, French and German.

The realKNX Google Action, Alexa Skill and Siri voice command services are all included in the product price, there are no additional subscription fees.

ProKNX SAS is a start-up company specialised in Home Automation solutions based on the world-wide standard KNX. The realKNX and proServ product bundle is developed and marketed by ProKNX. The product is unique with its Plug and Play solution: its user interfaces, charts and voice services require no configuration. Additionally it includes augmented reality and graphical programming with Node-RED.

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