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TAPKO Technologies Celebrates its 18th Birthday

The pioneer of KNX industry was founded 18 years ago

Eighteen years ago, Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomić founded the start-up TAPKO Technologies. Together their competence provided the company a dream start including first-class consulting and development projects. Before that both partners had been entrusted with important EIB/KNX projects for years and played a decisive role in the KNX standard development.

TAPKO Technologies quickly gained the reputation of a competence center in the KNX world and the company grew continuously. Over the years, the requirements of the market changed, but TAPKO continued to succeed in, with the help of its outstanding employees, developing technology highlights and entering joint ventures.

On October 6th TAPKO Technologies GmbH celebrated the 18th birthday. The company´s management says thanks to all customers and partners for all cooperation so far. Now TAPKO is preparing for the Light + Building 2018 trade fair in Frankfurt – definitely worth a visit.

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