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Wago Holds Codesys DALI/KNX Training in the UK in September

Following the success of last years training course Wago have decided to hold another one in September for those interested in world class Building Automation using Codesys DALI/KNX solutions for commercial and residential applications.

With the future requirements and specification for more intelligent and integrated buildings Wago can offer a solution that is already adapted for the future.

The Wago 750-Series is an extremely robust and flexible solution which adopts all the industry standard open protocols such as BacNet, KNX, DALI and is perfect for Industrial, Residential and Commercial applications.

Wago is also looking to increase its System integrator program to help support the evolving trend and customer requirements for KNX and welcome anyone who is interested in working closer with Wago.

The course last year was so successful that all participants, most KNX integrators, signed up to work with Wago and are now all benefiting from cost saving, Integration and space savings due to the extremely small form factor of the Wago products.

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