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Wuhan RuiLi Smart Control Technology Joins the KNX Association

Wuhan RuiLi Smart Control Technology Co., Limited is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in intelligent home and building control systems, product development, production, and marketing.

The company has an R&D team with many years of experience in KNX, and it is innovative, competitive, market-oriented, committed to providing customers with professional, personalized products.

RuiLi’s products are sold to domestic and foreign high-class hotels, large public venues, commercial buildings, villas, homes, etc., and meet the customer’s unanimous approval and praise.

RuiLi’s team will continue to support with rapid response, positive, flexible market adaptability, to meet customer needs in different regions, providing customers with quality products and services.

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LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors

LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors
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