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Elsner Elektronik Offers KNX S2 and KNX S4 Actuators for Shading and Window Control

The new KNX S2 and KNX S4 actuators by Elsner Elektronik are used to control the drives of blinds, awnings, shutters and windows. With integrated automation functions, it is very easy to set up shading control or window/ventilation control for each drive output. The sun shade control also includes slat guidance for the shutters. Every drive is provided with 16 scenes and movement position feedback and saving functions. Zero position sensors can be used to avoid collisions, and two drives can be locked against each other software-side: e.g. for shading and windows (master/slave). This security function, as well as, for example, wind or rain blocks, always have priority, to protect the equipment and the building. The priority of manual or automatic control can be switched based on the time, or via the KNX bus. This way, for example, manual commands by the user can take priority during the day.

The up/down drive outputs of the new KNX S2 and KNX S4 actuators are designed to be free of potential. These can be used to control various drives of up to 30 V DC or 230 V AC at the same time, as well as other systems, such as the manual switch input of the motor control unit.

The new functions of the actuators, such as short-time and movement limitations, were also transferred to other actuators by Elsner Elektronik. If additional button or window contact inputs are needed, one can, for example, use the KNX S4-B10 230 V (4 outputs), KNX S2-B6 230 V (2 outputs) and KNX S1-B2 230 V (1 output) rail-mounted devices. These devices have specialised multifunctional outputs: One drive or two switchable consumers (e.g. a light or a ventilation unit) can be connected. The movement time of the drives can be determined automatically by measuring the current, which makes it possible to position the sun shades on a façade in parallel.

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