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Sabiana Joins the KNX Association

Sabiana is an Italian company that has been designing, producing and selling innovative heating and air conditioning products for over 80 years.

All of Sabiana’s products use the best existing natural liquid that has always stood side-by-side with humans in all of their activities: water. By heating and cooling water, Sabiana can in fact air-condition any space with maximum precision and comfort. The main product lines are: radiant panels, unit heaters, fan coil, air handling units, stainless steel flues, indoor air quality systems.

From 1 July 2014, Sabiana has been a member of AFG Group, Arbonia-Forster-Holding AG, an international group and technological leader in the production of construction materials. Today Sabiana directly employs more than 180 people, with three factories near Milan with an overall 50.000 m2 of surface area, and turnover of more than 80 Million Euros, over 50% of which is from overseas markets.

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