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Beckhoff Automation Introduces New CIBSE CPD Accredited Training Modules

Beckhoff Automation has introduced two CIBSE CPD Accredited training modules that focus on two important aspects of networking and controls communications protocols.

Beckhoff has recently been nominated for a number of awards for its building automation technology, which is based on highly networkable PC-based systems. The courses therefore focus on aspects of networking that can help to achieve energy efficient building operation in the long-term.

The first course is an in-depth look at converged building controls and the Standard BS EN 15232. The course is aimed at those interested in finding out how this Standard can help them achieve more efficient building operation through greater integration. BS EN 15232 defines the effect of building automation control systems (BACS) on energy efficiency. The course shows how the highest levels of energy saving can be realised through converging all aspects of room control, such as heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting, into a single platform.

The second course focuses on building control communication protocols and covers a range of common protocols such as DALI, KNX, BACnet, EnOcean, Modbus, SMI and others. Whilst many of these are “single function” (e.g. for lighting or shading control) and sometimes proprietary, many others have become de-facto standards and widely adopted within the industry. This CPD module demystifies the fieldbus and network minefield and discusses the ever-increasing popularity of converging building control networks with IT infrastructure.

Each seminar takes one hour to deliver and qualifies for 60 minutes of CPD time. They can be arranged on-site or at Beckhoff’s Technology Centre in Huntingdon.

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