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TAPKO Delivers KNX Building Automation Products and Services

Today’s digital buildings are perfectly controlled using innovative KNX technology

Research and technology are evolving fast and constantly changing. Today, developers are driven to find synergies across a broad range of factors, and especially energy efficiency and sustainability. The South German company, TAPKO Technologies, has been at the forefront of building automation innovation for over 17 years. Even before this, the founders had already spent ten years helping to pioneer the fields of building and control electronics (EIB, European Installation Bus) before establishing their company in Regensburg. Today it is a full member of the KNX Association and ISO 9001-certified. TAPKO has a European – if not international – character, despite being a modest, medium-sized KNX specialist in Germany. This is typified by the company“s close collaboration with a strategic partner in France, production facilities in Croatia, and an impressive new website in 14 languages.

TAPKO develops visionary KNX technology and delivers a comprehensive range of services. Renowned KNX brand manufacturers come to TAPKO for its expertise and sophisticated components.

TAPKO accepts no compromise in the development of KNX devices, instead aiming to make its vision a reality. Petar Tomić, Managing Director at TAPKO, is guided by the motto: “Whoever thinks ahead, stays ahead.“ Taking this approach, the innovative hardware and software company developed the modular KAIstack and many other integrated services. TAPKO offers consulting and third-party development, all the way up to finished components. Alternatively, you can order the company“s own products as an OEM or non-label, such as: line or media coupler, USB interfaces, multi-I / O. Additionally available are: universal TAPKO modules, technology solutions and platforms, and EVAL boards for individual product lines. With its European production, TAPKO is both a high-quality and reliable supplier for small and large production volumes.

In a separate KNX testing laboratory (TestLab), KNX products can be certified. Here KNX products are tested in accordance with interoperability specifications, or offered development-related product inspections.

TAPKO Technologies GmbH was founded in October 1999 by Klaus Adler and Petar Tomić. The two managing directors, Dipl. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomić, have were a driving force in the EIB/KNX market for ten years before the establishment of TAPKO GmbH. Company headquarters are located in Regensburg, South Germany. TAPKO is a full member of the KNX Association and is certified according to ISO 9001/2008.

TAPKO“s growth from a German KNX specialist to a brand of European and international repute is based on its strong technology innovation and successful collaboration with partner companies. This cooperation with partner companies was instrumental in building TAPKO into a company able to offer – from development to production – all process steps of KNX components from a single source. The portfolio covers the entire service for product ideas, product development and manufacturing. TAPKO can provide to customers all the necessary components and services for this purpose, including our own TestLab.

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