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Elsner Offers ETS Project Files for Corlo Touch KNX Display

The Corlo Touch KNX display offers many features to customize screen page views to the project conditions and personal preferences. Specimen files are now available for some page displays requested regularly by customers. The examples help integrators to understand the settings on the Corlo Touch KNX and to transfer them to their projects.

The following specimen files are available on the website:

– Display page with light switch
– Display page for shading operation (awning, blind, shutter) with internal shading automation and status display
– Display page for window operation with internal automatic window ventilation and status display
– Display page with language selection
– Display page with weather data
– Bus reception and display of time
– Screen saver

Simply download the project files and import them in the ETS. See how the specimen devices have been configured. Test the display by transferring the project to a Corlo Touch. Then copy the parts that are suitable for your project and change them as required.

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