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Efftronics Systems Joins the KNX Association

Efftronics has 30 years experience in the design and development of niche products and end-to-end smart solutions. From conception to design, manufacture and support, everything is carried out in-house with its expert R&D team and manufacturing facilities.

With the objective of creating value for its customers, Efftronics is fulfilling the needs of various industry segments such as Railways, Road Transport, LED lighting, Digital Signage, Energy, Environment, Industries etc., by providing IoT based smart solutions.

Presently, the company serves customers in India, but it intends to promote and expand worldwide. The next level of product development will show KNX compliance. By utilizing the KNX standard in IoT based smart solutions for LED lighting, Smart Homes and Smart Building automation, Efftronics believes that customer will get benefits and there will be continuous business growth.

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LUXA 103 KNX presence detectors
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