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Technavio Announces Top Seven Vendors in the Global Smart Energy Market from 2016 to 2020

Technavio has announced the top seven leading vendors in its recent global smart energy market 2016-2020 report.

The global smart energy market is moderately competitive with the major vendors competing in terms of price, quality, and market presence. These vendors have a large portfolio of energy-related equipment and services in smart grid, HEMS, digital oil fields, and smart solar, which can be customized as per the needs of the consumers.

“The vendors have dedicated R&D funds for developing new technologies and software. These vendors are investing in R&D of the smart energy equipment and services to increase product extensions and technological innovations. Governments worldwide have started to support the development of smart energy such as smart grid, smart solar, HEMS, and digital oil fields increasingly. Better efficiency among power plants can be achieved by increased adoption of smart grids,” says Sayani Roy, an industry expert at Technavio used for smart grid research.

Similarly, better efficiency can be achieved in the oil fields, the residential sector, and the smart solar sector by adopting different technologies and services such as smart meters and smart grids. These factors will have a positive influence on the overall market growth during the forecast period.

Key vendors:

GE Energy

GE Energy offers services, equipment, and energy management solutions for wind and solar, biogas and alternative fuels, coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy.

The company is one the major players in the global smart energy market. It provides a wide range of smart grid solutions such as smart meters, smart controls, sensors, software solutions, predictive analysis, energy management systems and grid diagnostics among others.


Itron provides energy and water source management solutions for over 8,000 utilities worldwide. The product portfolio of Itron includes electricity, gas, water and energy measuring devices and technology, consulting services, and communication systems.

Itron is one the major players in the global smart energy market. The company offers a wide range of meter data management and analytics software, software as a service (SaaS), managed services, licensing hardware technology, and consulting services. The company’s metering systems are broadly classified into three categories that include standard metering systems, smart metering systems, and advanced metering systems.

Landis + Gyr

Landis + Gyr provides metering solutions for electricity, gas, and water for energy management solutions. It offers electricity meters that are used as industrial and residential meters, grid meters, grid management solutions, grid analytic applications, energy storage solutions, and distribution automation applications.


Sensus offers smart meters, smart communication systems, software, and services for electric, gas, and water management worldwide. Sensus provides FlexNet communications network, a long-range radio network, which allows reliable two-way communications. The FlexNet network platform receives customer data from smart meters and sensors. It provides analytical data to manage gas, electric, and water systems for commercial and residential purposes. Also, it offers another patented technology called SmartPoint for smart grid services. Both the technologies are used for smart metering, control of the utility assets, and telemetry.


Siemens is a German multinational conglomerate with core activities in the fields of energy, healthcare, industry, and infrastructure. It focuses on the areas of electrification, automation, and digitalization. The company is one the largest producers of energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies, as it supplies systems for power generation, transmission, and medical diagnosis.

Siemens is one the major players in the global smart energy market. It offers smart grid services through its energy management segment. This segment provides facilities and systems for low-voltage and distribution power grid level, power supply for industrial plants, high-voltage transmission systems, and smart grid and energy automation solutions.


ABB was founded in 1883 and is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The company is one the major players in the global smart grid T&D market. The company provides different equipment for smart grid distribution networks such as smart meters, electric vehicle charging equipment, building automation systems, low-voltage solar inverters, substation and feeder automation, and high-efficiency distribution transformers.


S&T is engaged in the manufacture of component hardware and software and provides IT systems. It also offers smart energy technologies and caters to the areas of data centers, network and security, and client management. The company is a major supplier of smart energy technology products. Some of its clients include Linz Strom, Swiss Billing, Industrielle Werke Basel, and Energie Klagenfurt und Werkbetriebe Frauenfeld.

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