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Hangzhou D-Haus Technology Joins the KNX Association

D-Controls designs and develops interfacing solutions for building automation systems. The company’s success is due to the reliability and performance of the products and the quality of service provided.

The D-Controls product is a small and robust device that functions as an intelligent gateway and is able to communicate with KNX, and many other proprietary systems (BMS, HVAC, Lighting, Fire, Intrusion, Energy Management, etc). The D-Controls Plus App (KNX) application is a universal software tool enabling users to remotely control their KNX and AV environment from devices running iOS, Android OS though the Cloud.

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JUNG area / line coupler

JUNG area / line coupler
The JUNG area / line coupler connects two KNX lines while retaining electrical isolation. Across publicly accessible areas, such as corridors ...