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Memoori Research Expects the Market for Performance Software in Smart Buildings to Rise to nearly US$19 Billion by 2020

This new research report, “The Market for Building Performance Software 2016 to 2020”, shows that the market for Performance Software in Smart Buildings generated $12.72Bn in 2015, and will grow at a CAGR of 8.1% to $18.78Bn by 2020.

The report contains original analysis and forecasts across 5 key focus areas; Energy Software in Smart Buildings, Enterprise Energy Management Systems, Smart Building to Smart Grid Interface Software, Software for Security and Fire Systems & Property Management Software.

Report Highlights

– Energy Software accounted for over 50% of the market at $6.46Bn in 2015, and we expect this value to rise to just over $9.7Bn by 2020. Enterprise Energy Management Systems (EEMs) make up the largest proportion of this market.

– The market for Fire & Security Software in Smart Buildings is estimated at $3.52Bn in 2015, and we expect this value to rise to just under $5.3Bn by 2020. VMS software made up the largest proportion of the market in 2015, at around 28% of overall sales.

– Why is it important to evaluate these markets at this time? We have identified 16 different types of software packages that all improve the performance and operation of non-domestic buildings. The industry is moving quickly towards the Internet of Things in Buildings, which will eventually form the structure for making buildings fully automated and optimized without the need for human intervention. To do this all of the data from these software packages will need to be transferred to IoT Data Services. This will be both a threat and opportunity, requiring software suppliers to re-evaluate and adapt their business models.

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