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BEMI Automation Joins the KNX Association

BEMI Automation has been a KNX system integrator since 2005. From the start it aimed to combine lighting design with KNX which over the years has resulted in its own software for creating light scenes and showing how we see light.

In 2010 the owner, Michael Bendtsen, was honored with the tittle KNX tutor and since then BEMI has been educating people in KNX and Lighting Design. In 2013 the company launched its first iBEMI iOS app for controlling the smart home. In 2016 it launched a KNX project tool which aims to help other system integrators sell KNX systems.

BEMI’s future role within KNX will be to help other system integrators make more profit and better KNX systems. As its motto states: KNX is a function based system – don’t sell products!

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