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KNX Japan Organises KNX Device Development Training

A series of training courses was held in Japan during the week of 29th February, 2016. The training was organised by the KNX National Group Japan and the invited tutor was Mr.Tomic of Tapko Technologies GmbH. The training focused on KNX device development and on RF technology, and people from seven companies attended the training courses. The training course on the development was the 2nd of such courses held in Japan, followed by the development courses held last October, during the KNX Japan Road Show, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of KNX.

The development training included all aspects of KNX device development, from the use of ETS, EITT & Manufacturing Tool, to a sample application programming. Each participant used their own set of KNX devices to program their own application and create the database for the ETS. The training was practical and will help the participating companies to start on the development of devices in the future.

KNX National Group Japan was founded in 2014, comprising 9 member companies from Japan. It is actively working on the promotion of KNX in Japan.

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