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EE & RE and Smart Cities 2016 Feature Energy Saving and Urban Solutions

5-7 April 2016, Sofia , Bulgaria

The sustainable development of energy systems and cities is among the main priorities in South-East Europe. EE & RE (energy efficiency & renewables) and Smart Cities are a timely event in ‘exhibition-conference’ format. It responds to the current challenges and provides local key players with new solutions for renewable energy production and resource savings. The organizer Via Expo announces that exhibitors and speakers from 12 countries will take part.

The Exhibitions

EE & RE The focus will be on bioenergy. SE Europe attracts investors due to the well-developed agriculture, forestry and wood industry. Leading companies will display biogas and biomass plants, photovoltaic systems for building integration, energy storage devices and energy saving HVAC equipment, industry cogeneration installations, etc.

Smart Cities Exhibitors will promote solutions for building automation that reduce energy and operating costs. They will showcase also LED lights, components for passive and low-energy houses: ventilations systems with heat recovery up to 95 %, vacuum insolation and airtightness systems. Visitors will be acquainted with fleet management tracking products and wireless integration solutions for traffic and parking control. They will see also electric vehicles and charging stations.

For the first time a virtual observatory for energy, environment and climate for the municipalities will be exhibited.

Speakers’ Points of View:

A message of Oliver Loebel from PU Europe is that we have to use knowledge and technology for the construction of future-proof buildings. According to Dr. Juliet Newson, President of the International Geothermal Association, there is a window of opportunities for geothermal energy in Bulgaria. Ralph Gambetta from the Calypso Networks Association considers that the conditions for intensive development of the IT sector are favorable.

Attendees will learn about the European Directives and National Legislation; Passive and Green Houses; Insolation; District Heating; Geothermal Energy; Architectural Future of the Cities; National Policy in IT Sector; Intelligent Transport Systems, etc.

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