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Wexcedo Joins the KNX Association

Wexcedo is a company that wants to develop innovative solutions for the future internet.

The name WExcedo is a contraction of the word WE (English) with EXCEDO (Latin), which means going beyond. It wants to go beyond the internet of things and intends to develop projects in the area of smart homes, smart cars, and smart cities. It also has plans in the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing) micro fabrication and powder injection molding (PIM).

Web platforms as a service is a goal beyond all these technologies providing a way for smart buildings to be remotely controlled and programmed in a simple and inexpensive manner. Simultaneously it will be possible to collect and store all the data that is being generated over time, thereby the owners of buildings with KNX and installers of this technology, would have a new powerful tool that would modify how they interact with smart houses.

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