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Active DBS Joins the KNX Association

Active DBS is a solutions and services company, targeting time and money savings through productivity improvements, water and energy savings.

Its open and application oriented software suite for energy efficiency and maintenance, called E2MS, can be embedded or is available via the Web and cloud computing. The range of systems is designed to serve single sites as well as multiple sites, with local monitoring up to complex remote management needs, as a stand-alone solution up to a multi-purpose enterprise information system (customized reports for all levels, energy efficiency and ISO 50 001 compliance, KPI, etc.).

E2MS is common for any site from 50 to 50,000m², with one or multiple utilities such as refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, one or many networks with input and output modules, meters, controllers, PLCs. The KNX protocols is fully part of the Active DBS road map to enlarge its E2MS library.

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