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Theben Receives Plus X Award for Most Innovative Brand 2015 in Energy and Lighting Category

After the launch of a series of new presence and motion detectors which have already received several Plus X Awards, people at Theben AG in Germany are delighted about another accolade: the coveted Plus X Award “Most innovative Brand 2015” in the category “Energy and lighting”.

On the evening of 18 June 2015, awards were presented to the 26 most innovative brands during a ceremonial gala in the plenary hall of the First German Bundestag in Bonn. Already in early summer, Theben demonstrated its splendid performance in the fields of innovative technology, perfectly shaped product design, convenient operating concepts, and processing of high-quality materials. Not only one, but two models of the new theLuxa motion detectors for outdoor use received the “High quality, design, and functionality” seal of quality. The same criteria were also attested to the motion detector theMova, the counterpart for indoor use. Apart from those three, premium presence detector thePrema also received an award in the category “Innovation“, and was selected “Best Product of the Year”.

“To us, the awards are more than just a prestigious acknowledgement,” said Harald Hasenclever, Head of Product Management and Marketing at Theben AG, delighted. “They also encourage us to continue to develop innovative products, which do not only meet high quality standards, but also consider ecological and ergonomic aspects.”

Innovation out of tradition

“The history of our company is characterised by innovations,” says Thomas Goes, Chairman of the Board of Theben AG. “Already in 1921, with the first mechanical staircase light timer switch, Paul Schwenk, our company founder, made sure that no one had to remember to switch off the light.” Numerous inventions, such as the wall socket timer, or the presence detector for energy-efficient and automated lighting and air conditioning control were following. “Currently, we are advancing the launch and subsequent rollout of our new CONEXA Smart Meter Gateway. Energy suppliers and municipal utilities are highly interested in our CONEXA,” says Thomas Goes and values the “Most innovative brand” award as an impressive proof for the “Theben brand to represent innovative solutions and customer focus even after almost 100 years.”

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