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KNX Netherlands Targets Technical Consultants and Architects

As they are involved early in the construction process, technical consultants and architects play a significant role in determining if there will be automated control and operation of electrical and HVAC installations. As a consequence, they are often the deciding factor for whether, or not, the installation is based on KNX, so KNX Netherlands is strongly committed to informing and persuading them of the benefits of KNX technology.

KNX Netherlands has prepared informative brochures, organizes an annual network meeting with specific lectures, and produces an e-letter four times a year for these target groups. In addition, this year KNX Netherlands has launched a new campaign in which a working group, in co-operation with Stabu (an organization that provides the construction industry with specifications and contract types), is working on model tender specifications in which building automation is based on KNX. These specifications will soon be able to facilitate and eliminate the concerns of technical consultants and architects, and this will give them a blueprint for developing KNX automated buildings.

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