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KNX China Succeeds at Annual Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology Fair

KNX China participated again at the annual Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology fair. The KNX China community booth this year has a prominent spot in Hall 6.1, attracting visitors with the highly visible KNX logo. Chinese and international manufacturers exhibited new KNX products including ABB, Hager, Schneider, Siemens, GVS, Somfy, Legrand, HDL, Vimar, Tiansu, Ecolite, Tantron, Insprid, Kanontec, WHD, Urmet, LongChuang, EASEIC and Steinel. Some of these companies also had their own booths, as did other KNX manufacturers such as Wago and Zhulai Sation Technology.

There was also a full house for the KNX Technical Forum which Mr. Demarest as CTO of the KNX Association opened by presenting why KNX is the best choice in the wide range of smart home and building solutions. This was followed by an explanation of how to start with KNX, including eCampus and KNX certified training, along with a brief introduction to the KNX technology, growth figures for the KNX community, and some upcoming developments: KNX data security, ETS on Tablet and ETS Core. There were also presentations by KNX China manufacturers including Siemens, ABB, GVS, Hager, Schneider, Legrand, Somfy and Tiansu, which were introduced by Mr. Jack Wang, President of KNX China. Mr. Dr. Wang of the KNX test lab in Beijing closed the conference with an introduction to KNX product certification.

The KNX Association and KNX China also had an Agora booth where it was easy to convince passers-by to take a seat and learn why they should choose KNX for their smart home or building, how the KNX technology works, what positive effect KNX can have on energy efficiency, and gain an outlook on the technical and software improvements of the near future.

The KNX community in China is clearly growing, not only from the number of manufacturers, but also from the interest shown by the fair visitors.

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