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KNX Handbook for Home and Building Control eBook

KNX Handbook for Home and Building ControlBy KNX Association
Format: Kindle Edition
Language: English

In this ‘Handbook for Home and Building Control, Basic Principles’, craftsmen, designers, wholesalers and operators are introduced in a neutral way into the system and the principal applications and are also informed about the essential issues of design, installation, commissioning and extension of KNX installations.

The sixth edition of the ‘Handbook for Home and Building Control, Basic Principles’ takes into account the extended possibilities of the KNX system in applications, products and functions. In this way, market potential for manufacturers of hardware and software, electrical wholesalers as well as electro-technical and IT trades has grown.

In writing this handbook, we would like to extend our thanks to all the employees involved in the ZVEI/ZVEH ‘Handbook’ and ‘Training measures’ working groups, whose commitment and competence enabled our common concept to be realised.

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