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Bosmer KNX Training Center Organises KNX Seminars at Turkish Universities

Bosmer is one of the leading companies in Turkey specialising in the KNX standard since 2009 and it handles all kinds of projects for public and private buildings.

In order to share the experience Bosmer has gained over the years with the new generation interested in learning about systems, it has been continuing its activities as a Certified KNX Training Centre since October 2014.

Studies have shown that the home and building automation sector is a developing market with high growth potential that brings with it many opportunities, and KNX is developing very fast in Turkey. The major deficiency of this market, especially in Turkey, is the lack of qualified staff with sufficient knowledge about KNX systems. Although the automation industry supports energy efficiency with advanced technology, the mistakes which have made in implementation and adaptation by staff with insufficient technical knowledge may give cause to greater costs. So Bosmer aims to train new KNX professionals to eliminate the increasing need for qualified staff and also promote the system for the ones who still don’t know about KNX system. Bosmer Certified Training Center gives the participants from all over the world, an experience with real KNX devices, and the ability to design and create new KNX systems.

Independent from commercial concerns, Bosmer has taken the first steps on behalf of student awareness about the sector by organizing seminars on building automation with KNX through collaboration with Electrical and Electronics Engineering Faculties of Universities in İzmir, Turkey. The first seminar was held on April 17th at Izmir University of Economics, and the second on April 27th at Izmir University, and provided information about KNX introduction, setup, principles and answered students’ questions in an interactive environment.

Bosmer aims to take new steps on behalf of the students’ awareness about automation sector by organizing KNX seminars throughout the year.

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