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KNX Userclub Korea Becomes 17th KNX Userclub

KNX Association is proud to welcome another strong member to its community: the KNX Userclub Korea! On 3rd April 2015, representatives from various companies and institutions gathered to discuss the first steps required to create an exchange-platform for KNX in Korea, with the goal of spreading knowledge about the standard and technology to users.

KNX Userclub Korea has attracted strong associates, such as Hanyang University, Seoul Messe, ICN magazine and consulting companies. President of the KNX Userclub Korea is Mr. Ik-Hwan Seo, and activities and events have already been planned, such as organising ETS5 workshops and the joint participation at the KNX Expo in corporation with KNX National Group Korea.

KNX Userclub Korea is the 17th KNX Userclub, and its foundation underlines the great success of KNX in Asia, which will reflect in more events and activities in Korea and beyond.

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