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KNX Austria Holds 2015 Awards Ceremony at Power Days in Salzburg

The annual KNX Austria Awards ceremony was held during ‘Power Days’, the leading Austrian exhibition for electronics which took place in Salzburg in March 2015.

The 1st prize was awarded to the project ‘HTL St. Pölten, Abteilung Elektrotechnik’. This was a joint project by system integrators Fa. Schmied & Fellmann and Ing. Gerhard Hinterhofer of HTL St. Pölten.

Due to the high quality of the other projects, a clear winner could not be decided for the 2nd prize, so this was turned into a shared prize. The projects awarded the 2nd prize were ‘Bürogebäude / Firmensitz’ in Vienna by system integrator Ing. Michael Auer di Gaspero of Fa. Auer & Söhne Gebäudetechnik; and ‘Mehrfamilienhaus / Gewerbebetrieb in Wenns, Tirol by system integrator Hannes Wultschnig of Elektro Wultschnig.

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