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Voice Control of Technical Functions in Smart Home with KNX Technology

Voice Control of Technical Functions in Smart Home with KNX TechnologyBy Jan Vanus, Marek Smolon, Jiri Koziorek, Radek Martinek
Computer Science and its Applications
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering Volume 330, 2015, pp 455-462

This paper is focused on design and implementation of a comfortable voice control of operational technical functions in a smart building using KNX technology. The paper is divided into three parts. Development of voice recognition application, programming and bringing to life of an already finished model and implementing of communication interface between these components. The very recognition of voice commands is implemented on .NET Framework 4.0 platform using C# programming language. After recognition of the voice commands, the commands in machine code are sent through UDP (User Datagram Protocol) server using KNX/IP router from the control computer to KNX fieldbus for control of the Smart Home model. In the end, testing of functionality and quality of voice command recognition was carried out.

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