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Pentadom Wins Home Automation Prize with Iddero KNX Control System

The Eolos Residence project, developed by Pentadom Edificios Inteligentes, won first prize in the ‘home automation’ category in the Energy Efficiency Installation Awards 2014, jointly organized by FENIE (National Federation of Electrical and Telecommunications Installers of Spain), KNX Spain, and MATELEC.

This Eolos Residence is an energy efficient detached house situated in a privileged area of the Mediterranean coast.

In the design of this house, special attention has been paid to energy efficiency. On the one hand, by taking advantage of renewable energy sources to produce the maximum amount of energy in a clean and economical way; on the other hand, by implementing measures to optimize and reduce electricity consumption.

– 59 m2 of solar panels were installed on the cover and balcony railings, generating a total of more than 16.5 kW. The installation is complemented by a wind turbine, which generates electricity from wind flows, and three solar collectors for domestic (DHW) and pool water heating.

– LED lighting technology was chosen, along with the automation and measurement of all systems via KNX to achieve a more efficient control. Some examples: Lighting can be adjusted automatically according to external brightness levels; blinds and HVAC are controlled depending on weather conditions; the irrigation system is automatically activated at certain times, but only if no rain has fallen.

Overall, the whole design allows to reach savings of up to 70% compared to a conventional house.

The control and monitoring of the entire system is done through an Iddero HC2L-KNX 10.4″ touch panel. The interface shows the 3D floor plans, allowing to control all variables, and provides information about energy consumption, weather data, alarms, status of different elements, alarms, etc. Also, the integrated web server allows seamless control from any smartphone or tablet.

The Iddero touch panel is also responsible for the control logic of many parts of the installation, e.g. automatic detection of technical alarms and notifications via email, automatic interruption of water supply when a leakage is detected, thermostatic HVAC control on different floors of the house, etc.

Also noteworthy is the integration with the IP video door phone system which allows the user to use the Iddero touch panel as an indoor monitor, and provides other interesting features such as receiving pictures of the visitor by email if no one is at home.

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