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Domoticus Wins Hostelco Award with Zennio’s Touch-MyDesign KNX Hotel Solution

Hostelco, the International Hotel, Restaurant, and Community Equipment Exhibition, runs the Hostelco Awards, which recognized the effort and innovation of hospitality professionals in three key industry areas: hotels, restaurants and innovation.

Domoticus, a home and building automation integrator, was awarded in the ‘Energy Efficiency’ product category for its KNX energy efficiency solution, which was installed in the Don Cándido Hotel to dramatically reduce energy consumption and enhance guest comfort.

The energy efficiency solution installed at Don Cándido Hotel had as main objectives to address the following requirements:

– Avoid misuse of air conditioning and lighting in rooms to reduce excessive energy consumption.
– Monitor room status in real time.
– Centralize control to meet the customer needs from the hotel reception desk and maintenance department.
– Enhance customers comfort.

To fulfil these requirements, Domoticus replaced all the conventional room thermostats by fully customizable capacitive touch panels, Touch-MyDesign from Zennio. Thanks to the full customization that allows the KNX Capacitive Touch Panel from Zennio, Domoticus could design an author’s and bespoke touch panel for the hotel to obtain the desired aesthetic in each room and establish the functionalities accordingly, as well as dramatically reduce hotel’s energy consumption and extraordinarily enhance guests comfort.

The capacitive touch panel designed for Don Cándido Hotel includes the logo of the hotel at the top of the device to safeguard the group’s image. This is an exquisite visual resource to communicate its corporate identity which is strengthened by the glossy reflective glass surface of the device that captures the admiration of the human eye.

The touch screen includes 4 buttons for direct temperature control with functions on/off, 3 fan speed modes, and temperature set-point control with defined parameters, which can be controlled through the 5 LED buttons located at the bottom of the panel; all in a very simple and intuitive manner for guests.

In addition, Domoticus installed motion sensors from Zennio in the entrance, bedrooms, and bathrooms, as well as a magnetic sensor at the front door, which combined with different KNX actuators, the integrated solution is able to fully control room lighting and air conditioning systems.

Domoticus, the specialist in home and building automation, carried out an excellent job without performing works or close the hotel. The company conducted the automation of the hotel progressively, room by room, without affecting Don Cándido daily operations.

Today, each room of the hotel is currently fully operational and automated with new functionalities, which enabled the hotel to save 35% energy, while maximizing guest experience and improving its ROI.

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