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Weinzierl KNX Shows its Latest KNX Solutions at ISH 2015

ISH 2015 in Frankfurt 03/10 – 03/14 2015 – Hall 10.3 Stand A34

Weinzierl will be showing its latest developments for the KNX standard at ISH 2015 including:

– KNX BAOS IP 777 “live in action”: The KNX IP BAOS 777 as our latest device in the KNX IP BAOS range is used as interface to connect to KNX both on telegram level (KNXnet/IP Tunneling) and on data-point level (KNX Application Layer). BAOS stands for “Bus Access and Object Server”. The device can be used with ETS as a programming interface and as an ObjectServer the device supports up to 1000 data points. It is possible to connect to KNX Bus (telegrams) as well as to data points (communication objects) from everywhere via LAN – and connection over the Internet is possible, too. We will be showing a live demo with the newly integrated web server and remote access.

– KNX RF Demo “live with no strings attached” with two KNX BAOS 840 RF Modules connected via RF

– Introduction of new KNX PowerSupply DGS 366 with integrated KNX node and diagnosis functions

– Introduction of new KNX BAOS Modules:
KNX BAOS 830 TP supporting 1000 data points (compared to the 820 which supports 256 data points)
KNX BAOS 838 TP kBerry for Raspberry Pi -> new type of KNX module for developers and enthusiasts of the popular Raspberry Pi
KNX BAOS 840 RF -> smaller footprint than the KNX BAOS 2830 and support of 1000 data points

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