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ABB i-bus KNX Devices Help Save 25% in Energy Costs at its New Headquarters in France

ABB i-bus® KNX devices optimize the energy efficiency of new building and offers a pleasant working environment for employees of ABB.

ABB helps customers optimize energy consumption in commercial and industrial buildings worldwide. With its new headquarter building in France, ABB is utilizing its own products and solutions to voluntarily comply with ISO 5001 – a certification requiring the use of an energy management system.

Controlling and reducing energy consumption

The new ABB headquarters in France, located in Cergy Pontoise (outside Paris), was converted into an office building from a factory and is now fully equipped with advanced building automation systems including centralized monitoring. It not only brings more comfort to the building’s occupants, but also assesses the savings automatically. The new building has already achieved a 25% savings in energy costs since it opened in July 2014.

ABB’s headquarters in France completely renovated its whole electrical system

Showroom for energy efficiency

As a prime reference for energy efficiency, the building provides customers with an opportunity to discover ABB technologies in a real-life setting demonstrating its numerous advantages. To bring the Cergy site into line with safety standards while restoring the buildings, ABB took the opportunity to carry out the renovation with a building management system (BMS) and select its own low voltage products to create the most innovative energy efficiency solution.

Project requirements included:

Increase its headquarters size to 7,000 square meters (~ 75,000 square feet)
Renovate the building management system
Optimize facility management
Ensure occupants’ comfort
Control and reduce energy consumption
Scalable spaces and respect for the environment.

ABB solutions

ABB has equipped the new Cergy site with solutions dedicated to energy management, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Optimizing electrical system with ABB low voltage products
Automatically control heating, air conditioning, ventilation, blinds and lighting with building management system
Managing environmental controls for individual offices as well as open spaces
Monitor and analyze energy consumption
E-mobility solutions with dedicated charging stations

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